Background image of a brick warehouse
Photo of Sandpoint web designer Holland Stevens standing on a sidewalk in a blue dress

I was a math nerd. I loved calculus — it took an entire page to solve each problem. It was beautiful. I have trophies. Then I loved chemistry. Physics. HTML. Even journalism, with its own set of “natural laws” guiding and conspiring with creative solutions.

Then I took a rebellious turn against academia’s rigidity, moved across the country, and delved into the world of fashion — where creativity rules above all else. But the higher I climbed Manhattan’s diamond–studded and vodka–soaked ranks, the more I felt that “artistry” was just another formula. So I rebelled against that, too.

My next great ambition was to start an organic, nay, biodynamic, farm high in the aptly–named Rocky Mountains, raise goats and chickens and perhaps a cow, make cheese, brew things, ferment things, fish, forage, cultivate mushrooms, and save the world alongside Paul Stamets and Michael Pollan.

I got a pretty good start on it. Although my geodesic dome didn't get built, I couldn’t find a stream suitable for hydroelectricity, and I never got around to converting my spare bedroom to a sterile culture laboratory, I had some damn fine eggs and hard cider. But one extremely wintry day, I found myself, as I often did, with no fire, no 4–wheel–drive, and nothing to eat but eggs and sauerkraut. I decided I had had my fill of the simple life. So I moved back to town, bought Internet, and enthusiastically turned up the electric heat.

Through a strange series of interactions in the beautiful world that is civilization, I was led to reapproach one of my earliest avocations, HTML and website development. And, oh, what a wonderfully abstract playground for my mind! So many intricate languages and programs, with such a rich and friendly “open–source community” where everyone loves to learn, experiment, and share. Writing code feels like writing a mysterious French novella and programming a spaceship, combined. And the design aspect is endlessly satisfying, a magical world where anything is possible and following rules is merely an option.

So I have finally found myself settled into an extremely comfortable occupational niche, delighting my inner math nerd with the meditative tedium of constructing code, and my rebellious side with the anarchy of creative freedom. I am further satisfied by helping small businesses grow, working with friends and neighbors to achieve their dreams, and rebranding established companies with the care and quality they deserve.

All of my work is carefully hand–coded, thoughtfully designed, and vigorously tested to function properly and display perfectly on any device. Strongly valuing the declaration of a job well done, I leave nothing unfinished, imperfect, or held ransom for a bigger budget. I strive to understand, and often decrypt, each client’s personal vision and underlying motivation in order to construct a highly individualized product that feels like their own creation — their impetus incarnate.

Please take a look at my portfolio and contact me with any questions or propositions you may have!